We are living in societies. Working in big companies, going to shows and travel with urban transport vehicles. We have common entertainment and common curiosities.

Although we seem to live together every time, there are high walls surrounding each of us, our own worlds. Giant walls build with protection instinct, collected fears, impetus of not to be seen and bricks not being damaged. You can find the clues of the alienation process, what we called urbanization, by looking at the living spaces. We are living in a huge blocks. Going to work and retuning home; every day the same routine.  A perfect Metropolis ( Fritz Lang, 1927) scenario. We have jerry-built relations based only on a cold “ good morning” without even knowing the name of the neighbour next door. Observe the looking of everyone directed to the ceiling or floor as the result of being disturbed  by a conflict for a field in elevators.

Yes, mankind is experiencing a social loneliness.

We all have walls around us for protecting what is valuable for us.  Fearing so much of being damaged, known and observed.

The people out there are not enemies. We are all running in a journey what we called as life as a person. If you make your fear based limitations you have built for you into never-indestructible structures, you will be deprived of what you will learn from the unique adventures of the companions who are in the same path with you.

Think about it; the world has come today with the opportunities that great inverters have served to us. If they didn’t present these precious gains to the outside world and share with humanity, we would still have been living like primitives. What you will share may not have a milestone impact on earth like the invention of the wheel but it may be a turning point on someone else’s life.

If we lock ourselves in a wall for a long time, this area will turn into our comfort area for a moment after.  Being here makes you feel safe. Comfort area is goods, what is known but it is just like a drug that takes you away from developing. No growth and development can be possible without getting out of your comfort area.

Put aside your fears. Fear is a stopper that coded to us with the worry of the power that mankind will form with unity. Isn’t it the time for starting to express ourselves freely by getting rid of our fears instead of letting these stoppers to prevent you and mankind from developing?  If we choose to hide behind the obstacles which we have created for ourselves, we will miss the opportunity of sharing reality, light and love with everyone.

Share the beauties within yourself to people around you. Sharing something with someone doesn’t mean to force them to have a vision. Life becomes beautiful and sublimed with sharing.

Hasn’t it ever happened to you?

Haven’t you ever experienced someone saying that “Thank you, that was exactly what I needed to hear” when an opinion you share becomes a very important turning point in someone else’s life.

We are all both teachers and students at the same time. Seeing the perspectives of others on the events that you experience makes you develop. You may find very precious gifts sometimes from the faults of others and sometimes from your experiences.

The others are important guides on our way to know ourselves and development. The universe holds us mirror through the other people. If we join this process with awareness, we can make a big contribution to the carnal development.

If you want to make a meaningful change on the world during your living period, break those huge walls you have built around you for your light to be seen from everyone.  Of you learn to share with your entire heart, you will experience that other will answer it with impatience.

Maybe, a small light you burn will be a source that will light the dark life of some other.

Erkan Sarıyıldız


You may see that very big changes are happening in the social structure. The periods of having a long lasting marriage have passed. The divorcing rates are so high. People have started afraid of marriage. Marriage has become a phobia on people who see many people having bad marriages. Some, on the other hand, with the approach of “Leaving back instead of keeping on mind”, decide to quickly finish the marriage before it grows.

Human being is a social creature.

This expression is true but many of us don’t perform the necessities of being social.

Bilateral relations are the best areas that a person can know himself/herself. You can observe the reflections of our internal world as the dynamics of the relations in each relationship. There are many handicapped points in bilateral relations. We all cheat ourselves so much within the relationship pattern that we created in our minds. Dozens of lies that we make us believe.

“ I know you very well”

No one can know anyone very well. Only thinks that he/she knows. We mostly forget that we are a perfect creature having thousands of features. We forget that, it is our personnel filters that prevent us from knowing actually. We are cheating ourselves by assuming that the status of the person after having caught by our filters and judgements as “that person”.

“My spouse should have these characteristic.”

When you choose you the person in front of you as your wife/husband, did you choose him/her just for being him/her, or being fitted with the “should be” patterns?

We all give a long list  to the universe, concerning the characteristics that the person whom we will chose as our spouse should have.

“ He/she will respect me”

“ Her/his hair will be…..”

“ He/she will be… he/she must have a career.

“He/she will buy me a present on special days.”

“ He/she will wear … kind of clothes.”

And hundreds of more requests

Have you ever think how selfish these requests are.

We all assert the characteristics of the person who we have relation, which are suitable for us and make us feel better.

Isn’t the essence is to experience the person on his/her own and let him/her be on its own?

I’d like to share a metaphor which I live bry much ( Don Migual Ruiz, The Mastery of Love)

There are some among us which has pets. Do you try to make your cat behave like a dog when you actually want to feed  a dog. Is this possible? Is there any solution other than buying a dog instead of a cat?

Can you make yourself believe that the cat in your house is actually a dog? I am sure that these all seem to you nonsense and that you’re surprised how cat-dog metaphor is somehow contained in subject related to the relations. Then, why don’t we accept the people we are with as they are instead of trying them to be like the way that we desire? You should believe that this subject is the basic problem in most of the marriages.

There is a habit of giving hundreds of idealized promises during the first periods of the relation. We all like to tell our best features in order to make the other party think the best and idealist about us. After that, when the marriage process begins and we start to show our actual characteristics, problems start to emerge. The relation transforms into a battle for power. If you are lucky, the marriage will continue in spite of these tough conditions.  If challenge becomes tiring and boring, you just give up and leave. I have just tod you a classic marriage haven’t I? Then why don’t we let us and the person in front of us be the person who he/she actually is? The answer is simple. Because we even don’t accept and love ourselves enough.

For a person to shift into a level of thought, he/she should accept himself/herself in all ways and dimensions firstly. A person con not accept any other person as he/she is before accepting himself/herself. Just like not able to love anyone without loving himself/herself.

Experiencing the perfect person before us without judging, questioning, labelling and trying to change him/her, in other words preferring the being effortless, is the best way. Experience your own authentic structure and take and give only love. We actually choose to spend our best days in a challenging mood without enjoying the relation since we are opposing against the natural. Don’t bother these because life worth living in all ways. Let’s fully enjoy this opportunity for experiencing love and yourself. Let you and your love to bloom in your own ways.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız

Sexual identity is one the most sensitive subjects of the society. The society has determined the norms of the genders in son strict rules that and they are fighting so much to protect these rules that, men-women poles are living their lives in entirely end positions.

I am not dealing with the definition of gender of the subject

My job is the energies that human contains.

Let’s start with a sentence challenging the limits.

There are both feminine and masculine energy in all of us

I guess, trying to say this to a person who has lived within the narrow patterns of chauvinism for centuries, is just like reviling. We get use to live within the frontiers that determined by identity so much that we put limits on our pleasures in our life and that we don’t even want to know that we are carrying something that belongs to the other gender.

Although this era up to know was under the hegemony of men, we are seeing the rise of the feminine energy in last 10-20 years. Our world is in Feminine Energy era (Lady Gaia has finally reached the energy in its gender). You probably see the projections of this in the social life. The subjects that have never been talked about before, has started to come to agenda, we are better knowing the value of our creative way, the family structure has completely changed, it is being mentioned about the emotionality of men and etc.

The subject that human contains the energies belong to two genders, is not actually a good stuff.  Although in Far East philosophies, it has been told for centuries that YIN (feminine) and YANG (masculine) ways exists in the entire structure of human and the universe, the western world didn’t talk about this until the era of Carl Gustav Jung. On the predecessor works of Jung, the subject that each man has a feminine (anima) way and each woman has a masculine (animus) ways, was mentioned densely.

Since people are trying to press these ways within and to live within the limits of the social roles, many internal problems occur.

What are these parts that we carry in ourselves?

Feminine (feminine) part expresses the heuristic part of the person. We can match the wise within with this energy. This energy tries to contact us through perceptions, feelings, anticipations and dreams. The door that opens to universality is under the control of this energy.

Masculine (masculine) energy on the other hand is the part that drives movement and action.

When we look at the definitions we can see that these two energies are the supplements of each other. Think of a creation project. First an idea appears (Feminine energy) after that the creation emerges with the contribution of the action (Masculine energy).

When a composer desires to write a musical piece, the tones of the music appears first internally and then writing the notes and playing happens.

When we look at all vital efforts, you can understand that these two energies have to works together. There is no action without idea and creation without action.

Our feminine part feels and masculine part performs.

Unfortunately in today’s society, many of us can not relate these two energies within ourselves in balance. Man doesn’t listen to the heuristic part within or trying to control it. It fears about losing its definition of personality by entering into universal unity if he listens to the heuristic part. Thus, choosing an emotionless, robotic life style and prefers keeping the feminine part in the society under pressure. We all know that this example is viciously seen in the business world.

Woman on the other hand, puts pressure on feminine part for being strong in the world under the hegemony of men and tries to bring the masculine energy to the front. As the result of this, she tries to continue living depending on man and in a way that determines the power through indirect manipulations.  We all see how frequently women use hidden manipulation methods. All of these are about to change now. Taboos are collapsing, everything is changing.  We should know the necessity of balancing our creative and activist parts within while creating the new human.  We shouldn’t forget that these two parts are not enemies but supplements of each other and that our internal voice is our best guide.

We came here in a process in which social pattern bricks dictated to us are broken one by one. The construction of the new social structure is in our hands. For our achievement to carry us to a new era, we primarily need to establish an internal structure in which both types of energy are balanced.

In other words everything ends in one point.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız.

In my last article, I had mentioned about the “Karma” and that the reason why we all come to this world is to make energy cleaning.

Today, I will explain about the definition of the karmic relations which is the most important part and about the karmic cleaning.

The real reason of your incarnation is the energy cleaning.

Energy cleaning means to send the energy needs to be changed to the heart chakra and make it positive. For this to happen, we sometimes need negativity in our lives. Since human body blocks diverting negativity towards it, it uses the relations as tools when it requires living it. These relations are the processes that you have with the people in your life including your children.

“Then how can I understand which of my relation is karmic relation?”

The most fundamental feature for understanding your karmic relations is:

“If there is chaos and conflict in your relation, that relation is karmic.”

There are many steps for cleaning your karma.

The first thing you need to do is to determine you karmic triggers. For determining these, primarily focus on your relation that brings you emotional pain. These can be your children, mother-father, friends and even your pets. These are your karmic relations. After having made the determination process in detail, you need to spend some time on finding out what makes you feel uncomfortable at these relations. This can be and action, a belief or behaviours. Sometimes the characteristics disturb you. There may be various triggers therefore I recommend you to spend long time on this subject.

When you find the triggers, write own the emotions that these bring to you to your notebook. Now you reached your karmic buttons. These buttons are the main points that you have placed for karmic cleaning. Please don’t be surprised but you are the one that placed these buttons to your body and make the souls that love you very much, push these buttons and perform karmic cleaning. Without your permission, none of these would happen. Therefore the ones, who challenge you most in your life and sometimes make you go crazy, are the contracted assistants of yours. Thank god that they exist and make you live these experiences. They also purely know what you feel with their high level of memory even if you think that you achieve to hide your negativity during these experiences. In other words your karmic tie will not last until you say that you have made these cleaning and completely passed through this process.

After finding your karmic triggers and buttons, it is time to find out which energies of yours are connected to these. Ask yourself the questions of;

“What do I feel when the button is pushed?

Am I getting angry?

Do I find myself outstanding?

Do I feel like a victim?

“ Do I feel fear or pain?” one by one and determine what you feel. Then write these to a notebook. We don’t have the intention to cheat ourselves. Performing these with great openness and honesty is just for getting rid of our loads.

After these heavy processes, you gained the necessary information.  I said heavy because I know from my experiences that the most challenging situation for a person is to face with itself or its emotions. Moreover there are some people who do not even deal with this subject just for not facing with difficulties.

The next step is to clean these energies and no longer let them affect you. That’s it. Please don’t construe this energy cleaning word as removing your relations or saying to other party not to push your button. This is escape from your karmic duties. You cannot escape from these. An energy tie with the same model and type will enter your life.

If we won’t hide or escape, then how are we going to clean these energies? Please read all my words by thinking and internalizing.

Instead of fighting with this emotion, riding for all, pretending that it is not there; let this energy to pass through you. Let the emotions thoroughly surrounds you and go and you just let these happen with full of peace and calm.”


The words which I wrote easily in this paragraph may be very difficult sometimes even they seem that very easy. You may not achieve at first. Please don’t worry. Mostly, some part of you may not want this to happen, may get use to feel these emotions and moreover you may like seeing you as victim, outstanding, pity and etc. More, you may resist like a child whose toy has been taken. Don’t give up against failures. Each failure brings you closer to the success.

“ I have done these, now what will happen ?”

From now on, when you face with that person or situation, it will not affect you anymore and besides you will not face with that kind of events.

A very huge feeling of freedom isn’t it.

In my opinion, it worth trying.

The taste of being the architect of your life, holding the power and removing from the ties, is not changed with anything.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız.

There are some people in our lives that exist just for causing us problems continuously. They put lock over lock on our freedom.

There are events that never leave us. Find us wherever we go and emerge under every cover.

You say that:

“Why don’t these events and people leave me?”

These are the determinants of the reasons of your existence in world life and the indicators of your emotions that you need to change.

I am talking about the most vital rules among the universal laws which is the “Karma”.

I want to share an illation with you which had disappointed me very much when I was first aware of it.

We are all born for working as the cleaners of the cosmic pollution formed.

“Am I actually a cleaner? The reason why I am at world is only for cleaning?”

The idea that the purpose of our holy life is cleaning may be humiliating and unfair. We really should not take the life that simple. The main reason why we are here is to “experience” . For cleaning from the negative loads which mob our soul like an incubus, we process the reasons of formation of these loads and create experiences for eliminating them. The main objective in all our actions is to process the experiences brought by this action and transmit this gift to our high conscious as energy. We have all determined our “contract” and contract assistants” which I have always mentioned, before we came here. We created scenarios suitable for our karmic loads that we need to clean and were born to the suitable time period. And we lost who we are on the moment that we were born in order to duly perform our duties.

“Would we have forgotten?”

This question has come to my mind hundreds of time.

Think about a creation having unlimited powers and ability; can you force it to spend a tough process by compressing it into a body and taking its abilities without make him forget?

For this reason it should be made forgotten.

We started to work out for fulfilling the requirement of our karmic load in carnal amnesia. While those assistant whom we made agreement make us experience all kinds of difficulties, neither they are aware of this duty, nor we are aware that we have given this task to them voluntarily.

Have a look at your life. Which events and people challenge you most?

Which emotions imprison and stultify you?

Make a list of these. When you examine them one by one, you’ll see a list which is not that long. And generally the subjects which are wanted you to see but you ignore to see will be under few headings.

This is your “Karmic List.”

When you look at the life from a linear logic perspective after exiting from a dramatic environment and “I’m the victim of life” psychology, the memories containing the same energy patterns which are generally experienced  dozens of times will remain.

The reason why these events are repeated dozens of times is our passing to the awareness and not understanding the thing that we should understand. In other words, we are the reasons why our lives become tragedies of disasters. If you got this at first, you would get rid of that load once instead of hard and painful experiences. Then you would squeezed dozens of cleaning to a single life and enjoy the life.

It is exactly the time for examining your life part by part after putting the that’s life and it’s inevitable logic apart.

I am giving you homework.

Make a list of the events that challenge you and enter to your life again and again.

Make a list of the people that make you live different and challenging experiences.

I will continue giving detailed information n about how the karmic cleaning is made, in a series of articles.

Let’s work for making your life more effective.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız.

We all live a holy essence, a world experience within ourselves. Even our essences are connected to each other and within the same divinity; we are all here to deal with different subjects because of our carnal roles. As the result of these matters, we internalize the events as far as our filters of perceptions permit due to the life experiences and mental development differences. Therefore there isn’t only one“true”. We all have our trues and moreover a universe that we create. We all live in a world that we create. Probably, the biggest lie is to say” What I say is the truest.” If there are billions of people, then there are millions of true. One of the saying of our ancestors suits very well: “The beauty is in the eye of the looking one” Because the projection of what we see to our inside is proportional with our perception and point of view.

We all have a personal path of life. Everyone experiences a process accompanied with living principles gained. These principles are also determined differently with the internal wisdom of everyone. I’d like to emphasize a few subject for living a more beautiful and effective life and shift into a dimension full of awareness. You may say that,” what happened to the fact that there isn’t one true. Yes, you are right, these are the results of my observations and readings but I tried to determine by removing my personal filters as much as I could.

This kind of pill like information in small doses sometimes lights so many things in one phase such that you can’t demand more.

* Your brain cannot identify the difference between a perfectly designed fictional reality and physical reality. Because there isn’t any difference between these two, actually. Our dreams determine our realities. May not limit our dreams. You cannot get something that you cannot ever dream of.

* Your  brain cannot know the difference between what you want and what you don’t. It only knows what you focus. What you focus on the other hand changes your life. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will have the less. If focus on what you don’t have, you will have more. If you focus on your health, your health will be better. If you focus on your talents, your capacity will expand.

* Try to see everything in the life outside you as part of yourself. This is the best method that saves you from the illusion of separation.

* You hear with your ears but you listen with your brain. You look at with your eyes but only see with your heart.

* Conscious is not in somewhere within the body. You are the conscious that contains the body. The conscious converts what it desires to express into experience with the help of the body.

* There isn’t anything called mistake actually, but only experience.

There isn’t anything called failure, but only disapproval of people

There isn’t anything called success, but approval of people.

*Life does not go on with uncertainty. Uncertainty brings obstacles before you and causes chaos and stress. Make your decision and life starts to flow.

* The truths remain as true although centuries pass on them. We are the workers of time that are trying to understand the truth.

*Being free is not transforming yourself into someone that you should be. The real freedom is to be in love with what you really are.

*Everything that you couldn’t finalize in the past, finalizes NOW. Living in today means to erase the darkness of the past.

* Let the life change you instead our trying to shape the life. Shaping is a result of a surface differentiation but change is a result of deep structuring in conscious.  

*Do not take anything that you face in life as personal. Even someone behaves you badly; this is reaction not to you but as a result of its battle with its internal demons.

*Always be on the side of love and light.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız.


Human is a spiritual creation having body experience. Since we have been taught that we are a limited structure and that we are physical creations having spiritual experiences for centuries, this kind of perspective may seem a little bit weird to us. In reality the first step towards knowing ourselves lies on understanding this information.

Let’s review this revolutionary perspective slowly.

I am , in other words the “ mankind” is a multi-layered structure. We are experiencing many dimensionalities simultaneously. While some part of us is trying to experience carnal experience on which duality is the dominant, the other part is experiencing divine unity having indefinite creativity potential at a area at which duality do not exist. Although these parts are whole, there is a curtain between these in order to duly live the human experience. When we start experiencing in a complete unity when we were born, we slowly forget our real structure, actually are made forgotten and become a social entity.

Caught by the attractiveness of the material world and believe the illusion that we are only body. We experience millions of subjects by passing through the chaotic processes called the anxiety of life. We complete the process oblivious about the potentials of our essence by creating us artificial habits and connections. It is not different from making a speed of 10 km with a car fully equipped and having millions of functions. We are living without knowing who we are. We are losing ourselves at material prisons. Becoming far from our essence. We are choosing to live in a way that refusing to know the reality, forgetting what the reality is and ignoring the reality. We may think that “I refuse all of these. There is no life other than the carnal. We exist today and will disappear tomorrow.” Or we may accept the information of the dogmas dictated to us which makes the people weaker and tries for people not to aware of its potential. Don’t forget the most fundamental law. The human being has free will. It determines its selections. You don’t have the obligation to accept or believe any information without your will. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the World is on the phase of shifting to a new energy plane. The hard periods of these phases will only be easily passed by the people aware of their potentials. Beyond that is darkness. Isn’t it the time? When I reached this information, I was shocked.

 While humans continue to live with %2 of their spiritual capacity of the high conscious during sleeping, what percentage do they use on daily life?

Review your estimations

 %70- no

%50- again no

 %100- definitely no

 %10- correct answer

 Unfortunately, a normal person spends his life, does his duties, goes to work.. etc by using only %10 of its real potential. %10 is a pretty optimistic number; we should not forget the millions living with less. Mankind who thinks that walking sharp actually spends his life as a complete SLEEPWALKER. Because the system doesn’t want you to reach a higher potential, because it doesn’t want you to be aware of your real power; because it doesn’t want you to be YOU.

The alarm clocks remind us to wake up. It is time to experience %100 of us. It is time live the piece that our potential lets, not the portion that the others want. It is time to benefit from the guide of our higher conscious, inter dimensional part and reach the reality and removing the curtains. The whole universe is waiting for supporting you after your decision to move. The trigger of everything is


Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız

Mankind always put its creative part from somewhere else. It doesn’t believe that it can create something.

“I am not creative“

Most of us have the approach of “Creating something new is not for me. I am ok with what exists.”

We all are perfect creators. Every moment we live is actually a piece of creating process.

What do you create?

Look into your lives. See all details that you live and details of your life.  The one creating all of these perfect life experiences is you only. We have power but we are not aware of it.

Whenever you think that you cannot create, look at your lives again; maybe this may remind you your power.

What prevents us from creating?

Never look for the reasons that prevent you from creating at outside. The judge which you make live within yourselves and which you grow with your hands is the reason for this. Most probably, you have already formed this judge at your childhood. The first seeds of this judge are put by your parents, friends and teachers.

What we called judge is the reflection which

“It is not good enough”

“You didn’t achieve it” and many of other critics create within us. This judge grows up through years and at one time you will not able to stop it. You begin to self sabotage yourselves even there is no one around you.

Another obstacle ahead the creation is perfectionism. Perfectionism is actually a defence mechanism that we use in order to pass over our weaknesses. The expectation of perfectionism from each of your creation will close the way of new creations. Creation needs experience. In the lives of all great people, there are countless achievements but also there are countless failures. People learn from the failures so that they can reach success. The thing that shall be done is to try, get results and reach perfection by collecting such results.

There is a very nice story with regards to the perfection.

There was very famous sculptor and the statues he makes are so beautiful that everybody who sees the statues thinks that they are alive. Furthermore if the statues represent humans, the ones who see them become very surprised. Mostly, it was very difficult to decide whether it is human or statue. One day an oracle told him that he was going to die soon. The sculptor was so afraid that he started to think about how he can run away from death as he didn’t want to and found and arbitrary solution. He thought that as he could make statutes which seemed to be alive, he could trick the death angel. He had made ten statues which looked very much like to him. When the death angel came, he stepped behind the statues and waited while holding his breath. The death angel was surprised and went back to the presence of God. God told the death angel about what kind of choice he should make and said that “Go back to the sculpture who is hiding behind the statues that he has made and tell him what ı have told to you”.

Upon this, the death angel returned back to the rooms with the statues in order to make what he is told and said “ Gentlemen, these are all perfect except  one thing. You are pretty successful but you missed one point, you have a very small mistake.” When the sculpture heard this immediately answered “What mistake? It can’t be!”, the death angel said “ This is your mistake” and took his soul from him. There is very thin line between the obsession of perfectionism and arrogance. People pretend to be perfectionist in order to undergo its deficits. However, each creation is important and the important thing is to create. When we talk about creativity, we all imagine something concrete. Creation should not necessarily mean to write a book, draw a picture, and compose a music piece. Each moment that you live is a creation. Your family, the food you cook, and most importantly being mother-father are our most important creations. And your most beautiful creations are your children. What can be more creative than growing up a child and making hem/her prepare for the difficulties throughout his/her life? Thus we should stop excuses. At first, let’s believe in ourselves. Let’s use our creative part that all of us have but only some of us become aware of it.

We are full with the story of “I can’t create”

It is time to reveal the values to us hiding in your mind.

Of course without missing to enjoy during the creation.

Be in Love

Erkan Sarıyıldız

I have faced with a very attention grabbing event since I started to spiritual and personal development studies. This business is likely seems under the dominance of women. In all meetings I participate, the percentage of men never exceeds %25. Of course this percentage is not certain. Sometimes it can be less. This situation was always grabbing attention but it started to widely come to my attention nowadays. I usually represent the male gender by myself during the group therapies which I make. Only I bear the duty of representing the group along with many very sweet ladies. Occasionally, some of my fellows participate in the meetings but their number is very small compared to the women. I thought about it. A few possibilities came to my mind.

–     I wonder if in the numbers of the men –women in society, the number of men become a minority.

I searched for it.

Result: No. We are approximately same

– Do men not have any free time because they work?

No, too. The percentage of working women is very high among all women participating in the studies. So, time can be created if we want to.

– Do the men have such enlightened structure in a way those not needing studies like these?

I wish the goodness but unfortunately I have to say No, to this. You must have seen the situation of the general dynamics of the society around us and under dominance of men. Enlightened people create enlightened societies.  Of you know such society, please inform me.

So, there has to be something different.

We have all faced with many difficulties on road of completing ourselves. Also we try to find the compromise with our ego on the other hand. Well then, are these difficulties different for men and women?

When we look at the event from a superficial perspective, there are really different difficulties.

The sex patterns which is born and worn to us make some declinations impossible.

Firstly and most simply, a man model which lives with his emotions and expresses his emotions is not recognized.  Man always applies the social rule, lives according to his logic, never cries, never laughs, never says when he loves, etc…..

In my opinion, the role which man acts in a society is perfectly matches with the role which the left lob of our brain bears. As we all know, the left lob of our brain makes its fullest effort to put everything into logic. It tries to fit everything into a pattern, shape. It deals with concrete rather than discrete.  Man deals with the concrete part of the life. Everything is certain, regular and it believes to what it sees.

The mind working models of women enables discrete thinking on the other hand. Right brain is more active in women’s mind. Senses are important. Instincts are strong.

Carnal roles are the superficial part of the business actually. There is no sex at spiritual plan. All spiritual structures have experienced both genders many times. Thus, gender is just a carnal fact only. If the why we are here is to make our spiritual structure evolve while gaining experience, then the obligation of both genders to self develop themselves and their spiritual development are in equal amounts.

I am calling my fellows:

Everything is developing in the universe, everything is changing. We should all deal with revealing the gem within ourselves.

Although dealing with these works seems to be freaky by you, they provide you a perspective which makes you live the life with more awareness as the result of the steps that are passed.

Living with emotions, believe in senses, having instincts do not make you weak. Furthermore it makes your hand more powerful.

We are living in a society under the dominance of men. The society that saves the mankind can only be established with a structure governed by individuals making efforts on the way of enlightenment. For this reason don’t leave these issues only under the monopoly of women.

I invite everyone of you to work. Come and help us to build a future filled with more brightness.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız

Most of the people define themselves according to their opinions in their heads. Thus they think that their opinions are themselves.  I am fat, I am desperate, I am thin, I am brutal

These thoughts do not represent you.

These are all creation of external stimulus. They are highly related with how you construe the world around you. Think about it. If there are no fat people around the world, who else can call you, thin. Maybe even the word “fat” do not exist in our dictionaries

We all recognize that we are thinking of thousand of thoughts at a time. These thoughts are not under your control. They just come and go. The most dangerous thing here is the entrance of you under the control of your thoughts. There is sea of thoughts in your mind. An important subject which we time to time deal is to make us responsible for ourselves from our opinions. Thoughts are in a continuous flow in mind. Furthermore the creation of most of these don not even belong to you. There is a continuous data flow.  We are not responsible from the thoughts within our heads but from the things they chose and do

Have you ever thought what personality is?

It is the sum of the choices and tendency to choose that people do throughout their lives.  Therefore, as people use the same choosing patterns to sustain their current personalities, we fit the people into certain personality patterns. Thus the people sustain their personalities not because they are like that but they have chosen to be like that. The right to make another choice in some day is always abiding.

Mankind has a multi layered structure. Thousands of different characters live together within each person. One of the most common mistakes that we all do is not seeing the different parts of a person other than the ones we have imprinted to our heads.

Thus I never say “I never do”. I rather say “I am choosing not doing this right now” I can’t really know that I‘ll never do something which totally different from the character structure which I design now, in one day. Because I always know that I have some parts open to all possibilities in me. I continue my life game with my part that I have chosen.

For this reason no one including me can make me surprise anymore. I recognize that each human being can move within thousands of different structuring.

In sum,

Each person is a multi layer structure formed by thousands of characters. For this reason different thoughts can come to people’s mind in every moment.  The thing what we call personality is the sum of personal choices. We are not responsible for what comes to our minds and also we cannot define ourselves with those. We can define ourselves with the choices we make.

Observe your thoughts. You are not your thoughts but the one who observes them behind in silence

Each person in room with forty hatches

Thousands of savour in each hatch

When you take one breathe with inspiring it

On one hand musk and ambers,

Savages on the other,

When you refine all of those

You smell like human, humanly

Don’t forget, you are not the creation of your thoughts but your  choices.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız


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