What kind of relation you have with money?

Is it sine qua non of your life?

Is it the purpose of your life?

Is it mediator for having good things?

And what would you give up for having more money?

What if you win the lottery…

Do you spend all of it for your pleasures?

Or do you lay it on a bed and enjoy rather than spending it?

Actually, money is a concept completely created by human beings. It is a false value promising good things against barter. Mankind consider it as the symbol of the power.

Prized it. The money in the pocket determined its status in the society.

When it says do, it made it to be done and when it says make, it made it to be made. It showed us what our very close ones may do for money, with agony.

Have a closer look at find what money meant to you?

Whenever I think about this, the movie Indecent Proposal comes into my mind. I assume most of you watched it. A man is promised a huge amount of money for being together with his wife and the moral settlements against this promise is expressed very well. It is the miserable reflection of everybody has a price belief.

It really makes people say that “Does everybody have a price to be bought?”

If money stands on the basis or in the centre of your life and determines your direction, you need to stop. If it makes you forget who you are and takes you away from the divine stream for winning, then it means that you are the slave of this damn thing. Bu sure that, no matter how much you earn, yo cannot satisfy the hunger within. There is more than more. Be aware of this; if you are not the master but slave of the money, then you are in the conscious of emptiness and the universe knows to take all from the person who is in this conscious.  Even if it’s not taken, you spend your life with the ambitious of more and more, without being grateful for what you’ve got and within emptiness.

Reconsider what you have every day and be grateful for them.

The real fortune doesn’t mean to have more possession but it is being aware of what you have.

When you shift to abundance conscious, the flow will eventually towards you. The best way is a life in wealth without forgetting being the master of money not the slave and without alienating to each other.

If you are grateful for what you have, you will always have fertility on your hand and peace at your heart. You can achieve building, new, independent, free lives with soul richness even you don’t have million dollars.

Like Napoleon said three times

Money Money Money

Be in Love

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