Each day that we live is a gift that we need to feel gratitude and we are the architectures of everything that we live.

I want the share one of the stories which reflects the agony that not doing something needs to be done and not getting that chance again gives:

“A guy taking treatment for cancer was living in a city. However his chance for taking treatment was now over and he was only watching the process. He was only 18 and he expected to bed dead anytime. He was spending all his life at home and under the surveillance of his mother.

He never went out alone but he got very bored because of staying at home.

He decided to be a small part of life by going out to get rid of the deep pressure caused by the home itself and the disease.

When he asked his mother about going out, he could take the permission after a long effort.

He started to walk along the street on which their house was located. At first, the outside environment which he didn’t use t, disturbed him but feeling the freedom of getting rid of the walls of the house worth everything.

He saw many stores on the street. Then found a CD store and entered through the door. There was girl on his age standing behind the cash.

The girl look:

“How can I help you?” she said. Her smile was so beautiful and the boy thought that hat was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. He wanted to kiss her right there.

The boy:

“ Hmmmm… Well.. I’d like to buy a CD.”

He took the CD and gave the money…

The girl:

“Do you want me to wrap it for you?” she asked

The boy accepted. The girl went behind the store, prepared the wrap and gave it to the boy. The boy took the package and returned to home. And put the CD to his cupboard with its package.

The boy was so shy that he was afraid of asking her for a date. He talked to his mother and she tried to encourage him about this subject. She told him certainly to do this on the next day.

On the next day, the boy went to the store again but returned to home without talking anything about his feelings.

This come and goes lasted for days. Finally one day, he left a piece of paper with his phone number on it to the cash secretly while the girl wasn’t there and left the store with running.

A few days later the telephone rang.

The mother took the phone

It was the cahier girl. When she asked about the boy, the mother started to cry.

“We lost my son yesterday. Of course you don’t know.”

There was other voice coming from the phone other than the crying of the mother. After a while the mother entered to his son’s room for being together with her son’s memories and started to have a look at the cupboards. When she opened one of the cupboard doors, she saw that it’s full with so many unopened CD packages. Mother had put the CD’s onto the bed with gazing and began to open the packages one by one.

When the mother opened the wrap, a small piece of paper fell down with the CD.

“Hello, you’re so sweet. Do you want to go out with me? Loves Jocelyne.” was written on it. Whenever the mother opened a package, she had faced with the same note.

“You’re so sweet. Do you want to go out with me?”

Don’t leave saying someone that you loved him/her or realizing what you want to do, tomorrow. Although saying love words may be difficult, express your love by putting your egos, honour, worries aside. Don’t spare tour love words from anyone.

Each day you spent is full with opportunities which you will not get again. Live that precious day full before it goes away from our hands and without delaying our plans to another day.

Beginning something with courage but not achieving is better than not starting something with the bondage of your fears. Do your best and let what will happen to flow.

Be in Love

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