The common fear of all of us:


Every morning we heave while looking at our facial lines and interrogate the natural change of our body with this question:

“Oh, am like that before?”

A very god word of one of my relatives is still in my ears:

Erkan my dear, my soul is very young but my cloth is old.”

What a wise word. Actually the only thing that gets older is the cover outside our body. The souls continue their adventure with the same enthusiasm and joy of living. Because there exits neither time nor getting older at spiritual plan…

Mankind has seen to be getting older like a disease for centuries and dreamed after in search of youth magic potion. However no one can ever reach this potion or magic.

We should know that the ideas that our health will get worse as we are getting older; that we will be alone at life and spend a life apart from production are only the patterns created by social manipulation. If we don’t become a revolutionist and oppressed with this view instead, our life will be just as the same as we all expected. In other words we spend the last years of life away from the society, passive and in depression just as we expected.

“The belief of not vulnerable in view of everyone” makes us to get older quickly. We all think that we will turn into a person who is limp and helpless, lives alone in full depression and who is remembered only in special days, we get older. However getting older is just a chorological fact. We start to see traces of the time passing through our world experience on our body cover.

Why are we more interested about what time takes from our body? Years and experiences add so many things to our soul.

All that is lived adds wisdom to our wisdom and experience to our experience. I remember a study. In China, it is seen that the normal lifetimes of the people in highlands and places away from the city are much longer than the ones living in the city. All variables were examined. In all regions which are same by means of nutrition, care and all needs, the lifetime is short whereas in this region life is strangely long. After the huge effort of the researchers, it was seen that the thing that makes this happen is only a different belief system.  Here, getting older hasn’t been seen as a bad thing, rather as wisdom increases with getting older, they have the expectation to get older so that they will be wiser. The young ones were looking forward the days which they will get older with enthusiasm and impatience just because their reputation will be increases with getting older. Even this study proves us that the lifetime and quality are determined by us and social beliefs.

Just leaving the bad ideas about getting older changes many things.  I see this event like a computer programme. When you programme yourselves to one condition, you also define your body time and lifetime with your creations.

The thing that we should change is, to learn to live by enjoying each moment and gracing our lives with all bringing of getting older without considering what it adds.

Getting older is just a carnal feeling. And as we are the master of our feelings, we can make a future fully filed in love by slowing this process.

Bless each day you live.

When you wake up in the morning, with each breathe you take, send your gratitude to the universe that you can take that breath in health.

Dignify the wisdom each experience brings to you

Consider you life as an art that you build every piece and create.

Don’t see the old ones as a burden on your back and as a barricade for your future.

Consider them as wise people who have already passed from the roads that you are in now and have full of experience and stories in their pocket.

Don’t forget that each of their word contains thousands of adopted information hiding in it.

Each change in your body coming with aging shall remember you the bringing of your experiences. Don’t see them like your body is getting ugly but accept them as the medallions of wisdom of life process.

The important thing is not the period of living but how you spend it.

The most importantly, always make the best for your life in all parts.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız