Do you recognize how serious our faces are?

When we look at the giant streets, only very few real laughter come to our ears. They are more like the traces of smiling that are forcedly put to the face. They have always told us that laughing is a shame and means feeble looking. They have also told us that a bad thing might come after a pretty much period of laughing and pealing out is a shame.

When a child born, after 1-2 months passes and he adapts to world experience, he always has a smile on his face. They start to express their responses with laughing with their little ruddy lips. They don’t need any reason. They smile and laugh for everything.

We start to forget laughing while we grow up. Then the amount of stimulus required for us for laughing increases. Just because we grow up.

Growing up=Becoming serious

Seriousness is shown equal equivalent with prestige. While we were told about people’s lives, only what they have done is told but the jokes, buffoonery they had made at childhood are hidden as taboo.

In which commercial film or advertisement, a businessman with a real warm smile is shown? Human shadows in serious clothing and which are put a forcedly smile on their face are everywhere.

You don’t need to be a child or insane for laughing. You don’t have to sulk for being an adult. Laugh as much as you want. And mostly laugh for yourselves. Laugh at your eye brow, eye, and look. Laugh for the mistakes and illusion you have done and seen since the childhood when you look at the mirror.

Life game has two objectives:  Becoming the one who enjoys the life most and giving love while taking it. The only thing that our soul will gain from the life is these two.

What changes when we laugh?

The positive energy you spread around spreads like an outbreak. Whenever you laugh, your energy opens to the universality and you start to feed with celestial light. The barriers between you and the God are demolished and you reach the power.

Actually everything is really a funny game. When you separate the dramas you create, the only thing that remains is just a funny scenario.

Watch around. The people, who laugh much, live long and healthy as well as their lives passes more easily compared with the others.

Sit with the people you like, talk with them and have fun with them. Like a child and without any rules. Like how you feel and without the fear of the question: “Do others call me insane”

Laugh as much as you can

The best favour you can do for your self is handful laughter.

Take care

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