Who am I?

Have you ever asked this question to yourselves?

And when you look around, how many people lives as themselves and in the way that they would like to.

We are all like walking mummies. Bandage over bandage

See your eyes when you look at the mirror. Do the enthusiasm of real you which you can reach only in your dreams exist in your eyes?  And most importantly, when turn an look at yourself, how many percent of the clothing you wear as “I” is formed by you; freely and hundred percent.

What kind of person is so called “you”.  How is its standing against life, beliefs, profession, relationships, life, choices, and thing that it cannot choose I know that  it is not easy to analyze these. We have spent our lives believing that this cloth which we have been wearing since we were born, is us. There have been rules, dogmas, sins, punishments, laws, do’s and don’ts do’s over over since we were born. Even you forgot the shape of the real you because of these bandages. You spend your life in this way for a period helplessly.

And then all of a sudden you star to say “Who am I ?” You miss the freedom of the special soul hiding deep within.

You begin to enter transformation. With the decision “ I am going to be me”.  The most difficult part is deciding. The remaining begins irrevocably.

Of course this is the tough one. The easiest ways is considering the mummy bandages outside you as “me” and continue living.

This process is adventurous. It is actually the process of getting undressed and dressed again. And some layers are so embedded to your skin that, it requires courage to take them off.

You remember a new characteristic of you after each change. The only problem here is that, the people around you may face with some difficulties on adapting your changing relationship dynamics. Never mind, if you, as whole and with determination, continue to walk on this road, new dynamics will be created.

You find your essence eventually. A moment of enthusiasm.

A weak voice says “Here I am”. Hardly stands on its feet.

Then it’s time to recover all wounds. You have to restructure all of your parts one by one.

I know it’s difficult and agonizing but I also know that it’s amusing

When you finally see the real you which you’ll become, you’ll understand that it’s worth that effort.

You created the real you…

The one who says” I’m me”, with head high and be proud.

I  see that most of you have the approach “ The best thing is the one that you know”

“ I have lived in this way since this age, how can I change?”

“ The reason why I became into this is not me but the conditions”

“ Why bother doing these ?”

“ I am the victim of faith”

And many words and questions with worry.

Only you can put an obstacle in front of your success. Even you may force others to say your fears just to try to stop yourselves.

Be sure that; everything starts with believing yourself.

And it results with YOU who holds hundred percent of the power, collects all parts within, is aware of its creativity power and who can put the signature of “ME” under all the thing that it does.

Hey brave soul, it’s time to change. Let’s dance on the wild, run and play.

Let’s shout us all


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