“Can you draw me the picture of happiness, Abidin?” said Nazım

What is real happiness? How is it, can you eat or drink it?

Can happiness be described?

You must have seen dozens f book telling the ways to be happy. Each of them has its own definition of this word. Happiness is not something; it is the situation of being something.

Most of us say “The purpose of life is happiness”

Then how can we reach this situation and maintain it.

Maybe the shortest answer is to be as ME; the biggest happiness

Our lives may become like a fairy tale if we can internalize some clues for providing and continuing happiness during spiritual development.

I am shouting like Archimedes “Eureka, Eureka!!!”

I also went through in the light of my experiences and found the formula of happiness of Erkan. Now it is time to share.

Live in present. The only thing that you have is the present moment. Now focus on what exists in here and experience the completeness of the moment.

Listen to the wisdom of your body. Your body will absolutely tell you whether the situation is good or bed. If your body show a physical or emotional tension when you make a decision against an event then follow it.

Completely accept everything that comes, honour it and take what you learn. Experience what is happening the way it is and spend your life with the view that what I can take from what’s happening.

Keep some times in which you can be together with yourself. Make meditation during these periods; if you can’t you try to listen to yourself at least. In silence, you directly connect with the pureness of your high memory. The real guide comes in all eras of your life only comes from your high memory. Learn to hear the voice of your high memory by creating time for yourselves.

Don’t wait for the approval of others about the moves and life games you make. This is the only way you can get under way to the freedom

Judging the others shows us that we cannot accept something within. Be sure that each person you forgive makes your love to yourselves bigger. The one, who forgives another, learns self- forgiveness.

When you judge a person or a situation it means that you tag it either good or bad. Everything or everyone can be understood and forgiven. When you judge, the way tı the tolerance is cut and learning to love cannot happen.

Shift yourself from fear based behaviours to love based movements. Fear is a creation of memories. The more you focus yourselves to the present, the less fears sourced from your past experiences you will have.

Aware that, everything that is outside reflects your reality. Material world is a mirror of  your inside. The situations which suddenly appear and create strong love or hate emotion within yourselves, show your internal world to you. The things you hate most show the things which you deny most in you. Take what you take and don’t forget that the one you hate is your best teacher.

Also don’t forget that the thing you love most is the thing you wish most for yourselves. Accept that your relations are the mirrors of your internal world. When you can see from this perspective, you start to know yourselves completely.

Get rid of the anger within and don’t fight with yourselves. Accept the good and bad sides in you and internalise them. Because you are the total of everything.

Don’t make your body dirty with harmful opinions, drinks and foods. Your body is not only a life support unit. Consider your body as a tool which carries us for the evolution of our soul. The health of each cell affects your goodness.

Every of you may have the questions that, “How there be a formula of happiness?” “What is this man talking about?” These are my formulas. Let’s each of us create his/her own formula. Let’s build the heavens which we create with awareness in all areas of our lives. Because every of us deserve to be happy.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız.