Mankind has always been continuing searching since its existence. Where am I come from? Where am I going?

How and why am I created?

And most importantly, who created me?

First they searched for the creator in the nature, then at sky. And then they created the things they pray by themselves and started to pray to them

Although we are developed, the deficiency that we have but primitives don’t is that we believe that the creator is in outside of us. Because we were told like that. We all imagine the creator as a questioner symbol of discipline who watches us from outside and takes the record of every god and evil that ve make.

Think about that what comes to your mind first when you say God?

When I was a child, when somebody say God, I was thinking of vision which has white hair, a sullen face, very serious and knows everything that I do in detail and I was afraid of it. I was afraid of the idea that What if it sees all the things I do?

This idea steered the mankind away from the God. The belief of needing a person or an institution for communicating with God was put into our heads. The most dramatic story about this subject is the story of a sufi named Hallac-ı Mansur. He was a person who had been slaughtered with tortures for stating him same with the God after his phase of Ene’l Hak in which he was trying to express that we are all divine and there is a divine essence in inside of us all.

Once upon a time there were three artists living. Each of them asserted that they are the best. These claims reached to such situation that they came to the presence of the King:

– Please choose the best of us our King…

Then the King allocated a wall for each artist for acquiring art works of three big artists and wanted them to draw the picture of God.

“As the result of your assignment, I will decide which one you is the best” he said.

The period of 6 months was given to them. The artists worked very hard. From day and night and day and night mixed together.

6 months, 6 very big months passed and the time for the King to see the pictures came. Then came to the wall of the first artist and the artist opened the curtain with a great ambition.  There was a huge tree and covered with buds and flowers everywhere… Even it was looked so real that butterflies came and sit onto one of the flowers. The King was very impressed from the picture.

Then the King passed to the second artist’s wall. The artist carefully opened the curtain again. There was a tree and images of hundreds of underipe fruits on it. On the other hand there was a parrot coming and eating the fruits. The King really watched this beauty by holding his breath.

Then the King came to the wall of the last artist. He expected the artist to open the curtain but he didn’t. The King thought that the artist was crazy and decided to open the curtain by himself but he couldn’t. Because the picture was the curtain itself.

God is not behind the curtains, it the curtain itself.

The whole universe, all things are the reflections of God.

God is the sum of everything and we all carry the essences of divinity within.

So all of us are divine.

Be in love

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