I have faced with a very attention grabbing event since I started to spiritual and personal development studies. This business is likely seems under the dominance of women. In all meetings I participate, the percentage of men never exceeds %25. Of course this percentage is not certain. Sometimes it can be less. This situation was always grabbing attention but it started to widely come to my attention nowadays. I usually represent the male gender by myself during the group therapies which I make. Only I bear the duty of representing the group along with many very sweet ladies. Occasionally, some of my fellows participate in the meetings but their number is very small compared to the women. I thought about it. A few possibilities came to my mind.

–     I wonder if in the numbers of the men –women in society, the number of men become a minority.

I searched for it.

Result: No. We are approximately same

– Do men not have any free time because they work?

No, too. The percentage of working women is very high among all women participating in the studies. So, time can be created if we want to.

– Do the men have such enlightened structure in a way those not needing studies like these?

I wish the goodness but unfortunately I have to say No, to this. You must have seen the situation of the general dynamics of the society around us and under dominance of men. Enlightened people create enlightened societies.  Of you know such society, please inform me.

So, there has to be something different.

We have all faced with many difficulties on road of completing ourselves. Also we try to find the compromise with our ego on the other hand. Well then, are these difficulties different for men and women?

When we look at the event from a superficial perspective, there are really different difficulties.

The sex patterns which is born and worn to us make some declinations impossible.

Firstly and most simply, a man model which lives with his emotions and expresses his emotions is not recognized.  Man always applies the social rule, lives according to his logic, never cries, never laughs, never says when he loves, etc…..

In my opinion, the role which man acts in a society is perfectly matches with the role which the left lob of our brain bears. As we all know, the left lob of our brain makes its fullest effort to put everything into logic. It tries to fit everything into a pattern, shape. It deals with concrete rather than discrete.  Man deals with the concrete part of the life. Everything is certain, regular and it believes to what it sees.

The mind working models of women enables discrete thinking on the other hand. Right brain is more active in women’s mind. Senses are important. Instincts are strong.

Carnal roles are the superficial part of the business actually. There is no sex at spiritual plan. All spiritual structures have experienced both genders many times. Thus, gender is just a carnal fact only. If the why we are here is to make our spiritual structure evolve while gaining experience, then the obligation of both genders to self develop themselves and their spiritual development are in equal amounts.

I am calling my fellows:

Everything is developing in the universe, everything is changing. We should all deal with revealing the gem within ourselves.

Although dealing with these works seems to be freaky by you, they provide you a perspective which makes you live the life with more awareness as the result of the steps that are passed.

Living with emotions, believe in senses, having instincts do not make you weak. Furthermore it makes your hand more powerful.

We are living in a society under the dominance of men. The society that saves the mankind can only be established with a structure governed by individuals making efforts on the way of enlightenment. For this reason don’t leave these issues only under the monopoly of women.

I invite everyone of you to work. Come and help us to build a future filled with more brightness.

Be in love

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