Most of the people define themselves according to their opinions in their heads. Thus they think that their opinions are themselves.  I am fat, I am desperate, I am thin, I am brutal

These thoughts do not represent you.

These are all creation of external stimulus. They are highly related with how you construe the world around you. Think about it. If there are no fat people around the world, who else can call you, thin. Maybe even the word “fat” do not exist in our dictionaries

We all recognize that we are thinking of thousand of thoughts at a time. These thoughts are not under your control. They just come and go. The most dangerous thing here is the entrance of you under the control of your thoughts. There is sea of thoughts in your mind. An important subject which we time to time deal is to make us responsible for ourselves from our opinions. Thoughts are in a continuous flow in mind. Furthermore the creation of most of these don not even belong to you. There is a continuous data flow.  We are not responsible from the thoughts within our heads but from the things they chose and do

Have you ever thought what personality is?

It is the sum of the choices and tendency to choose that people do throughout their lives.  Therefore, as people use the same choosing patterns to sustain their current personalities, we fit the people into certain personality patterns. Thus the people sustain their personalities not because they are like that but they have chosen to be like that. The right to make another choice in some day is always abiding.

Mankind has a multi layered structure. Thousands of different characters live together within each person. One of the most common mistakes that we all do is not seeing the different parts of a person other than the ones we have imprinted to our heads.

Thus I never say “I never do”. I rather say “I am choosing not doing this right now” I can’t really know that I‘ll never do something which totally different from the character structure which I design now, in one day. Because I always know that I have some parts open to all possibilities in me. I continue my life game with my part that I have chosen.

For this reason no one including me can make me surprise anymore. I recognize that each human being can move within thousands of different structuring.

In sum,

Each person is a multi layer structure formed by thousands of characters. For this reason different thoughts can come to people’s mind in every moment.  The thing what we call personality is the sum of personal choices. We are not responsible for what comes to our minds and also we cannot define ourselves with those. We can define ourselves with the choices we make.

Observe your thoughts. You are not your thoughts but the one who observes them behind in silence

Each person in room with forty hatches

Thousands of savour in each hatch

When you take one breathe with inspiring it

On one hand musk and ambers,

Savages on the other,

When you refine all of those

You smell like human, humanly

Don’t forget, you are not the creation of your thoughts but your  choices.

Be in love

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