Mankind always put its creative part from somewhere else. It doesn’t believe that it can create something.

“I am not creative“

Most of us have the approach of “Creating something new is not for me. I am ok with what exists.”

We all are perfect creators. Every moment we live is actually a piece of creating process.

What do you create?

Look into your lives. See all details that you live and details of your life.  The one creating all of these perfect life experiences is you only. We have power but we are not aware of it.

Whenever you think that you cannot create, look at your lives again; maybe this may remind you your power.

What prevents us from creating?

Never look for the reasons that prevent you from creating at outside. The judge which you make live within yourselves and which you grow with your hands is the reason for this. Most probably, you have already formed this judge at your childhood. The first seeds of this judge are put by your parents, friends and teachers.

What we called judge is the reflection which

“It is not good enough”

“You didn’t achieve it” and many of other critics create within us. This judge grows up through years and at one time you will not able to stop it. You begin to self sabotage yourselves even there is no one around you.

Another obstacle ahead the creation is perfectionism. Perfectionism is actually a defence mechanism that we use in order to pass over our weaknesses. The expectation of perfectionism from each of your creation will close the way of new creations. Creation needs experience. In the lives of all great people, there are countless achievements but also there are countless failures. People learn from the failures so that they can reach success. The thing that shall be done is to try, get results and reach perfection by collecting such results.

There is a very nice story with regards to the perfection.

There was very famous sculptor and the statues he makes are so beautiful that everybody who sees the statues thinks that they are alive. Furthermore if the statues represent humans, the ones who see them become very surprised. Mostly, it was very difficult to decide whether it is human or statue. One day an oracle told him that he was going to die soon. The sculptor was so afraid that he started to think about how he can run away from death as he didn’t want to and found and arbitrary solution. He thought that as he could make statutes which seemed to be alive, he could trick the death angel. He had made ten statues which looked very much like to him. When the death angel came, he stepped behind the statues and waited while holding his breath. The death angel was surprised and went back to the presence of God. God told the death angel about what kind of choice he should make and said that “Go back to the sculpture who is hiding behind the statues that he has made and tell him what ı have told to you”.

Upon this, the death angel returned back to the rooms with the statues in order to make what he is told and said “ Gentlemen, these are all perfect except  one thing. You are pretty successful but you missed one point, you have a very small mistake.” When the sculpture heard this immediately answered “What mistake? It can’t be!”, the death angel said “ This is your mistake” and took his soul from him. There is very thin line between the obsession of perfectionism and arrogance. People pretend to be perfectionist in order to undergo its deficits. However, each creation is important and the important thing is to create. When we talk about creativity, we all imagine something concrete. Creation should not necessarily mean to write a book, draw a picture, and compose a music piece. Each moment that you live is a creation. Your family, the food you cook, and most importantly being mother-father are our most important creations. And your most beautiful creations are your children. What can be more creative than growing up a child and making hem/her prepare for the difficulties throughout his/her life? Thus we should stop excuses. At first, let’s believe in ourselves. Let’s use our creative part that all of us have but only some of us become aware of it.

We are full with the story of “I can’t create”

It is time to reveal the values to us hiding in your mind.

Of course without missing to enjoy during the creation.

Be in Love

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