There are some people in our lives that exist just for causing us problems continuously. They put lock over lock on our freedom.

There are events that never leave us. Find us wherever we go and emerge under every cover.

You say that:

“Why don’t these events and people leave me?”

These are the determinants of the reasons of your existence in world life and the indicators of your emotions that you need to change.

I am talking about the most vital rules among the universal laws which is the “Karma”.

I want to share an illation with you which had disappointed me very much when I was first aware of it.

We are all born for working as the cleaners of the cosmic pollution formed.

“Am I actually a cleaner? The reason why I am at world is only for cleaning?”

The idea that the purpose of our holy life is cleaning may be humiliating and unfair. We really should not take the life that simple. The main reason why we are here is to “experience” . For cleaning from the negative loads which mob our soul like an incubus, we process the reasons of formation of these loads and create experiences for eliminating them. The main objective in all our actions is to process the experiences brought by this action and transmit this gift to our high conscious as energy. We have all determined our “contract” and contract assistants” which I have always mentioned, before we came here. We created scenarios suitable for our karmic loads that we need to clean and were born to the suitable time period. And we lost who we are on the moment that we were born in order to duly perform our duties.

“Would we have forgotten?”

This question has come to my mind hundreds of time.

Think about a creation having unlimited powers and ability; can you force it to spend a tough process by compressing it into a body and taking its abilities without make him forget?

For this reason it should be made forgotten.

We started to work out for fulfilling the requirement of our karmic load in carnal amnesia. While those assistant whom we made agreement make us experience all kinds of difficulties, neither they are aware of this duty, nor we are aware that we have given this task to them voluntarily.

Have a look at your life. Which events and people challenge you most?

Which emotions imprison and stultify you?

Make a list of these. When you examine them one by one, you’ll see a list which is not that long. And generally the subjects which are wanted you to see but you ignore to see will be under few headings.

This is your “Karmic List.”

When you look at the life from a linear logic perspective after exiting from a dramatic environment and “I’m the victim of life” psychology, the memories containing the same energy patterns which are generally experienced  dozens of times will remain.

The reason why these events are repeated dozens of times is our passing to the awareness and not understanding the thing that we should understand. In other words, we are the reasons why our lives become tragedies of disasters. If you got this at first, you would get rid of that load once instead of hard and painful experiences. Then you would squeezed dozens of cleaning to a single life and enjoy the life.

It is exactly the time for examining your life part by part after putting the that’s life and it’s inevitable logic apart.

I am giving you homework.

Make a list of the events that challenge you and enter to your life again and again.

Make a list of the people that make you live different and challenging experiences.

I will continue giving detailed information n about how the karmic cleaning is made, in a series of articles.

Let’s work for making your life more effective.

Be in love

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