In my last article, I had mentioned about the “Karma” and that the reason why we all come to this world is to make energy cleaning.

Today, I will explain about the definition of the karmic relations which is the most important part and about the karmic cleaning.

The real reason of your incarnation is the energy cleaning.

Energy cleaning means to send the energy needs to be changed to the heart chakra and make it positive. For this to happen, we sometimes need negativity in our lives. Since human body blocks diverting negativity towards it, it uses the relations as tools when it requires living it. These relations are the processes that you have with the people in your life including your children.

“Then how can I understand which of my relation is karmic relation?”

The most fundamental feature for understanding your karmic relations is:

“If there is chaos and conflict in your relation, that relation is karmic.”

There are many steps for cleaning your karma.

The first thing you need to do is to determine you karmic triggers. For determining these, primarily focus on your relation that brings you emotional pain. These can be your children, mother-father, friends and even your pets. These are your karmic relations. After having made the determination process in detail, you need to spend some time on finding out what makes you feel uncomfortable at these relations. This can be and action, a belief or behaviours. Sometimes the characteristics disturb you. There may be various triggers therefore I recommend you to spend long time on this subject.

When you find the triggers, write own the emotions that these bring to you to your notebook. Now you reached your karmic buttons. These buttons are the main points that you have placed for karmic cleaning. Please don’t be surprised but you are the one that placed these buttons to your body and make the souls that love you very much, push these buttons and perform karmic cleaning. Without your permission, none of these would happen. Therefore the ones, who challenge you most in your life and sometimes make you go crazy, are the contracted assistants of yours. Thank god that they exist and make you live these experiences. They also purely know what you feel with their high level of memory even if you think that you achieve to hide your negativity during these experiences. In other words your karmic tie will not last until you say that you have made these cleaning and completely passed through this process.

After finding your karmic triggers and buttons, it is time to find out which energies of yours are connected to these. Ask yourself the questions of;

“What do I feel when the button is pushed?

Am I getting angry?

Do I find myself outstanding?

Do I feel like a victim?

“ Do I feel fear or pain?” one by one and determine what you feel. Then write these to a notebook. We don’t have the intention to cheat ourselves. Performing these with great openness and honesty is just for getting rid of our loads.

After these heavy processes, you gained the necessary information.  I said heavy because I know from my experiences that the most challenging situation for a person is to face with itself or its emotions. Moreover there are some people who do not even deal with this subject just for not facing with difficulties.

The next step is to clean these energies and no longer let them affect you. That’s it. Please don’t construe this energy cleaning word as removing your relations or saying to other party not to push your button. This is escape from your karmic duties. You cannot escape from these. An energy tie with the same model and type will enter your life.

If we won’t hide or escape, then how are we going to clean these energies? Please read all my words by thinking and internalizing.

Instead of fighting with this emotion, riding for all, pretending that it is not there; let this energy to pass through you. Let the emotions thoroughly surrounds you and go and you just let these happen with full of peace and calm.”


The words which I wrote easily in this paragraph may be very difficult sometimes even they seem that very easy. You may not achieve at first. Please don’t worry. Mostly, some part of you may not want this to happen, may get use to feel these emotions and moreover you may like seeing you as victim, outstanding, pity and etc. More, you may resist like a child whose toy has been taken. Don’t give up against failures. Each failure brings you closer to the success.

“ I have done these, now what will happen ?”

From now on, when you face with that person or situation, it will not affect you anymore and besides you will not face with that kind of events.

A very huge feeling of freedom isn’t it.

In my opinion, it worth trying.

The taste of being the architect of your life, holding the power and removing from the ties, is not changed with anything.

Be in love

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