We all live a holy essence, a world experience within ourselves. Even our essences are connected to each other and within the same divinity; we are all here to deal with different subjects because of our carnal roles. As the result of these matters, we internalize the events as far as our filters of perceptions permit due to the life experiences and mental development differences. Therefore there isn’t only one“true”. We all have our trues and moreover a universe that we create. We all live in a world that we create. Probably, the biggest lie is to say” What I say is the truest.” If there are billions of people, then there are millions of true. One of the saying of our ancestors suits very well: “The beauty is in the eye of the looking one” Because the projection of what we see to our inside is proportional with our perception and point of view.

We all have a personal path of life. Everyone experiences a process accompanied with living principles gained. These principles are also determined differently with the internal wisdom of everyone. I’d like to emphasize a few subject for living a more beautiful and effective life and shift into a dimension full of awareness. You may say that,” what happened to the fact that there isn’t one true. Yes, you are right, these are the results of my observations and readings but I tried to determine by removing my personal filters as much as I could.

This kind of pill like information in small doses sometimes lights so many things in one phase such that you can’t demand more.

* Your brain cannot identify the difference between a perfectly designed fictional reality and physical reality. Because there isn’t any difference between these two, actually. Our dreams determine our realities. May not limit our dreams. You cannot get something that you cannot ever dream of.

* Your  brain cannot know the difference between what you want and what you don’t. It only knows what you focus. What you focus on the other hand changes your life. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will have the less. If focus on what you don’t have, you will have more. If you focus on your health, your health will be better. If you focus on your talents, your capacity will expand.

* Try to see everything in the life outside you as part of yourself. This is the best method that saves you from the illusion of separation.

* You hear with your ears but you listen with your brain. You look at with your eyes but only see with your heart.

* Conscious is not in somewhere within the body. You are the conscious that contains the body. The conscious converts what it desires to express into experience with the help of the body.

* There isn’t anything called mistake actually, but only experience.

There isn’t anything called failure, but only disapproval of people

There isn’t anything called success, but approval of people.

*Life does not go on with uncertainty. Uncertainty brings obstacles before you and causes chaos and stress. Make your decision and life starts to flow.

* The truths remain as true although centuries pass on them. We are the workers of time that are trying to understand the truth.

*Being free is not transforming yourself into someone that you should be. The real freedom is to be in love with what you really are.

*Everything that you couldn’t finalize in the past, finalizes NOW. Living in today means to erase the darkness of the past.

* Let the life change you instead our trying to shape the life. Shaping is a result of a surface differentiation but change is a result of deep structuring in conscious.  

*Do not take anything that you face in life as personal. Even someone behaves you badly; this is reaction not to you but as a result of its battle with its internal demons.

*Always be on the side of love and light.

Be in love

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