Human is a spiritual creation having body experience. Since we have been taught that we are a limited structure and that we are physical creations having spiritual experiences for centuries, this kind of perspective may seem a little bit weird to us. In reality the first step towards knowing ourselves lies on understanding this information.

Let’s review this revolutionary perspective slowly.

I am , in other words the “ mankind” is a multi-layered structure. We are experiencing many dimensionalities simultaneously. While some part of us is trying to experience carnal experience on which duality is the dominant, the other part is experiencing divine unity having indefinite creativity potential at a area at which duality do not exist. Although these parts are whole, there is a curtain between these in order to duly live the human experience. When we start experiencing in a complete unity when we were born, we slowly forget our real structure, actually are made forgotten and become a social entity.

Caught by the attractiveness of the material world and believe the illusion that we are only body. We experience millions of subjects by passing through the chaotic processes called the anxiety of life. We complete the process oblivious about the potentials of our essence by creating us artificial habits and connections. It is not different from making a speed of 10 km with a car fully equipped and having millions of functions. We are living without knowing who we are. We are losing ourselves at material prisons. Becoming far from our essence. We are choosing to live in a way that refusing to know the reality, forgetting what the reality is and ignoring the reality. We may think that “I refuse all of these. There is no life other than the carnal. We exist today and will disappear tomorrow.” Or we may accept the information of the dogmas dictated to us which makes the people weaker and tries for people not to aware of its potential. Don’t forget the most fundamental law. The human being has free will. It determines its selections. You don’t have the obligation to accept or believe any information without your will. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the World is on the phase of shifting to a new energy plane. The hard periods of these phases will only be easily passed by the people aware of their potentials. Beyond that is darkness. Isn’t it the time? When I reached this information, I was shocked.

 While humans continue to live with %2 of their spiritual capacity of the high conscious during sleeping, what percentage do they use on daily life?

Review your estimations

 %70- no

%50- again no

 %100- definitely no

 %10- correct answer

 Unfortunately, a normal person spends his life, does his duties, goes to work.. etc by using only %10 of its real potential. %10 is a pretty optimistic number; we should not forget the millions living with less. Mankind who thinks that walking sharp actually spends his life as a complete SLEEPWALKER. Because the system doesn’t want you to reach a higher potential, because it doesn’t want you to be aware of your real power; because it doesn’t want you to be YOU.

The alarm clocks remind us to wake up. It is time to experience %100 of us. It is time live the piece that our potential lets, not the portion that the others want. It is time to benefit from the guide of our higher conscious, inter dimensional part and reach the reality and removing the curtains. The whole universe is waiting for supporting you after your decision to move. The trigger of everything is


Be in love

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