Sexual identity is one the most sensitive subjects of the society. The society has determined the norms of the genders in son strict rules that and they are fighting so much to protect these rules that, men-women poles are living their lives in entirely end positions.

I am not dealing with the definition of gender of the subject

My job is the energies that human contains.

Let’s start with a sentence challenging the limits.

There are both feminine and masculine energy in all of us

I guess, trying to say this to a person who has lived within the narrow patterns of chauvinism for centuries, is just like reviling. We get use to live within the frontiers that determined by identity so much that we put limits on our pleasures in our life and that we don’t even want to know that we are carrying something that belongs to the other gender.

Although this era up to know was under the hegemony of men, we are seeing the rise of the feminine energy in last 10-20 years. Our world is in Feminine Energy era (Lady Gaia has finally reached the energy in its gender). You probably see the projections of this in the social life. The subjects that have never been talked about before, has started to come to agenda, we are better knowing the value of our creative way, the family structure has completely changed, it is being mentioned about the emotionality of men and etc.

The subject that human contains the energies belong to two genders, is not actually a good stuff.  Although in Far East philosophies, it has been told for centuries that YIN (feminine) and YANG (masculine) ways exists in the entire structure of human and the universe, the western world didn’t talk about this until the era of Carl Gustav Jung. On the predecessor works of Jung, the subject that each man has a feminine (anima) way and each woman has a masculine (animus) ways, was mentioned densely.

Since people are trying to press these ways within and to live within the limits of the social roles, many internal problems occur.

What are these parts that we carry in ourselves?

Feminine (feminine) part expresses the heuristic part of the person. We can match the wise within with this energy. This energy tries to contact us through perceptions, feelings, anticipations and dreams. The door that opens to universality is under the control of this energy.

Masculine (masculine) energy on the other hand is the part that drives movement and action.

When we look at the definitions we can see that these two energies are the supplements of each other. Think of a creation project. First an idea appears (Feminine energy) after that the creation emerges with the contribution of the action (Masculine energy).

When a composer desires to write a musical piece, the tones of the music appears first internally and then writing the notes and playing happens.

When we look at all vital efforts, you can understand that these two energies have to works together. There is no action without idea and creation without action.

Our feminine part feels and masculine part performs.

Unfortunately in today’s society, many of us can not relate these two energies within ourselves in balance. Man doesn’t listen to the heuristic part within or trying to control it. It fears about losing its definition of personality by entering into universal unity if he listens to the heuristic part. Thus, choosing an emotionless, robotic life style and prefers keeping the feminine part in the society under pressure. We all know that this example is viciously seen in the business world.

Woman on the other hand, puts pressure on feminine part for being strong in the world under the hegemony of men and tries to bring the masculine energy to the front. As the result of this, she tries to continue living depending on man and in a way that determines the power through indirect manipulations.  We all see how frequently women use hidden manipulation methods. All of these are about to change now. Taboos are collapsing, everything is changing.  We should know the necessity of balancing our creative and activist parts within while creating the new human.  We shouldn’t forget that these two parts are not enemies but supplements of each other and that our internal voice is our best guide.

We came here in a process in which social pattern bricks dictated to us are broken one by one. The construction of the new social structure is in our hands. For our achievement to carry us to a new era, we primarily need to establish an internal structure in which both types of energy are balanced.

In other words everything ends in one point.

Be in love

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