We are living in societies. Working in big companies, going to shows and travel with urban transport vehicles. We have common entertainment and common curiosities.

Although we seem to live together every time, there are high walls surrounding each of us, our own worlds. Giant walls build with protection instinct, collected fears, impetus of not to be seen and bricks not being damaged. You can find the clues of the alienation process, what we called urbanization, by looking at the living spaces. We are living in a huge blocks. Going to work and retuning home; every day the same routine.  A perfect Metropolis ( Fritz Lang, 1927) scenario. We have jerry-built relations based only on a cold “ good morning” without even knowing the name of the neighbour next door. Observe the looking of everyone directed to the ceiling or floor as the result of being disturbed  by a conflict for a field in elevators.

Yes, mankind is experiencing a social loneliness.

We all have walls around us for protecting what is valuable for us.  Fearing so much of being damaged, known and observed.

The people out there are not enemies. We are all running in a journey what we called as life as a person. If you make your fear based limitations you have built for you into never-indestructible structures, you will be deprived of what you will learn from the unique adventures of the companions who are in the same path with you.

Think about it; the world has come today with the opportunities that great inverters have served to us. If they didn’t present these precious gains to the outside world and share with humanity, we would still have been living like primitives. What you will share may not have a milestone impact on earth like the invention of the wheel but it may be a turning point on someone else’s life.

If we lock ourselves in a wall for a long time, this area will turn into our comfort area for a moment after.  Being here makes you feel safe. Comfort area is goods, what is known but it is just like a drug that takes you away from developing. No growth and development can be possible without getting out of your comfort area.

Put aside your fears. Fear is a stopper that coded to us with the worry of the power that mankind will form with unity. Isn’t it the time for starting to express ourselves freely by getting rid of our fears instead of letting these stoppers to prevent you and mankind from developing?  If we choose to hide behind the obstacles which we have created for ourselves, we will miss the opportunity of sharing reality, light and love with everyone.

Share the beauties within yourself to people around you. Sharing something with someone doesn’t mean to force them to have a vision. Life becomes beautiful and sublimed with sharing.

Hasn’t it ever happened to you?

Haven’t you ever experienced someone saying that “Thank you, that was exactly what I needed to hear” when an opinion you share becomes a very important turning point in someone else’s life.

We are all both teachers and students at the same time. Seeing the perspectives of others on the events that you experience makes you develop. You may find very precious gifts sometimes from the faults of others and sometimes from your experiences.

The others are important guides on our way to know ourselves and development. The universe holds us mirror through the other people. If we join this process with awareness, we can make a big contribution to the carnal development.

If you want to make a meaningful change on the world during your living period, break those huge walls you have built around you for your light to be seen from everyone.  Of you learn to share with your entire heart, you will experience that other will answer it with impatience.

Maybe, a small light you burn will be a source that will light the dark life of some other.

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