Dedicated to my daughter Lara,

They have always told me that “You’ll understand when you become parents” but I had never believed that. Actually bringing up a child is the hardest art probably. Start with; a very beautiful, defenceless, innocent creation comes to your hands although even you cannot put yourself out of the childhood. It is completely dependent to you. She/he doesn’t eat if you don’t give, and he/she gets cold when you don’t cover it. At first you panic. Is it mine?

What have I done for deserving such a pretty thing?

Later when you looking in the eye of each other you grow up one generation. A miracle which you can be a model with everything that you do and to which you can give real unconditional love even you cannot love yourself unconditionally; is in your hands.

Then a period of struggle starts. How should I approach to this miracle, who should I behave, what should I give and how much should I give? Adjusting the balance of giving can be a problem sometimes. Sometimes we fall into a trap in these times. The trap of I should make it live because I didn’t achieve it. While giving something you try to make balances in a style that she/he can understands the value of what he/she takes. Actually you experience your childhood which has not grown, within your child’s identity; and maybe exaggerative.

I had panicked during my spiritual studies when I first saw that people faced with traumatic experiences during their childhood mostly. I revised my life like an observer with the fear that “What kind of traumas do we make our child to face?” But later I saw that whatever you do which you deem to be right, humans can traumatize it for creating experiences. This was a great relaxation for me. Because how can people make a creation to face with bad experiences whom he/she loves more than himself/herself.

The thing that brings me relief is that.

Every child is born with already knowing his/her family and purposefully. It comes to the world experience by making contracts for arranging the environment and family group which can create the experiences required for its personal development. You arrange him/her the experimental environment which he/she expects

Another fact is that, whatever you provide the best environmental conditions for your child, your child evaluates the life accordingly to his/her perspective after looking at the events from his/her window. Whichever is the best for you may cause a traumatic experience for them. The thing you can do for your child is to do the best thing that you can.  Only the best thing… There is nothing else expected from you.

A very important evolutionary rule should not be forgotten. Whatever it is you lived with your parents, it is a great possibility of you to create the same style experiences for your child. Therefore for not transferring the bad experiences which was created on you and you aware of, to your child, you need to break this chain. Otherwise this cycle will be transferred from you to your child and from him/her to the future generations.  There is one thing which is good is that this cycle is not destiny. Of it is broken, new relationship patterns may be healthier.

The most important emotion inside of us all is the instinct of protection.  We sometimes even try to get involved in all areas of our children under the parenthesis of protection. Of course human desires to protect its most precious treasure.  However, we should not forget that our child is an individual.

We should grow our children as an individual on their own feet and strong.

We never forget that our children are born in a structure which is much further than us in terms of spiritual development. There are so many thing that we will learn from them but not they from us. Once, we see our purity which we forgot, at their shiny eyes. One single word that they say in most unexpected times, teaches you the meaning of life. They provide us to experience the conscious of unity which is forgotten by the burdens and roles that adulthood lays to us.

In my opinion the best thing that we can give to our child is an environment filled with full of love. Love which unconditional and unrequited.

They have come here to experience themselves and to create. Not for doing what we have done of performing our desires.

What we need to do is to provide all our support and love for their development.

But with letting them to be themselves.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız.


“Can you draw me the picture of happiness, Abidin?” said Nazım

What is real happiness? How is it, can you eat or drink it?

Can happiness be described?

You must have seen dozens f book telling the ways to be happy. Each of them has its own definition of this word. Happiness is not something; it is the situation of being something.

Most of us say “The purpose of life is happiness”

Then how can we reach this situation and maintain it.

Maybe the shortest answer is to be as ME; the biggest happiness

Our lives may become like a fairy tale if we can internalize some clues for providing and continuing happiness during spiritual development.

I am shouting like Archimedes “Eureka, Eureka!!!”

I also went through in the light of my experiences and found the formula of happiness of Erkan. Now it is time to share.

Live in present. The only thing that you have is the present moment. Now focus on what exists in here and experience the completeness of the moment.

Listen to the wisdom of your body. Your body will absolutely tell you whether the situation is good or bed. If your body show a physical or emotional tension when you make a decision against an event then follow it.

Completely accept everything that comes, honour it and take what you learn. Experience what is happening the way it is and spend your life with the view that what I can take from what’s happening.

Keep some times in which you can be together with yourself. Make meditation during these periods; if you can’t you try to listen to yourself at least. In silence, you directly connect with the pureness of your high memory. The real guide comes in all eras of your life only comes from your high memory. Learn to hear the voice of your high memory by creating time for yourselves.

Don’t wait for the approval of others about the moves and life games you make. This is the only way you can get under way to the freedom

Judging the others shows us that we cannot accept something within. Be sure that each person you forgive makes your love to yourselves bigger. The one, who forgives another, learns self- forgiveness.

When you judge a person or a situation it means that you tag it either good or bad. Everything or everyone can be understood and forgiven. When you judge, the way tı the tolerance is cut and learning to love cannot happen.

Shift yourself from fear based behaviours to love based movements. Fear is a creation of memories. The more you focus yourselves to the present, the less fears sourced from your past experiences you will have.

Aware that, everything that is outside reflects your reality. Material world is a mirror of  your inside. The situations which suddenly appear and create strong love or hate emotion within yourselves, show your internal world to you. The things you hate most show the things which you deny most in you. Take what you take and don’t forget that the one you hate is your best teacher.

Also don’t forget that the thing you love most is the thing you wish most for yourselves. Accept that your relations are the mirrors of your internal world. When you can see from this perspective, you start to know yourselves completely.

Get rid of the anger within and don’t fight with yourselves. Accept the good and bad sides in you and internalise them. Because you are the total of everything.

Don’t make your body dirty with harmful opinions, drinks and foods. Your body is not only a life support unit. Consider your body as a tool which carries us for the evolution of our soul. The health of each cell affects your goodness.

Every of you may have the questions that, “How there be a formula of happiness?” “What is this man talking about?” These are my formulas. Let’s each of us create his/her own formula. Let’s build the heavens which we create with awareness in all areas of our lives. Because every of us deserve to be happy.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız.

Mankind has always been continuing searching since its existence. Where am I come from? Where am I going?

How and why am I created?

And most importantly, who created me?

First they searched for the creator in the nature, then at sky. And then they created the things they pray by themselves and started to pray to them

Although we are developed, the deficiency that we have but primitives don’t is that we believe that the creator is in outside of us. Because we were told like that. We all imagine the creator as a questioner symbol of discipline who watches us from outside and takes the record of every god and evil that ve make.

Think about that what comes to your mind first when you say God?

When I was a child, when somebody say God, I was thinking of vision which has white hair, a sullen face, very serious and knows everything that I do in detail and I was afraid of it. I was afraid of the idea that What if it sees all the things I do?

This idea steered the mankind away from the God. The belief of needing a person or an institution for communicating with God was put into our heads. The most dramatic story about this subject is the story of a sufi named Hallac-ı Mansur. He was a person who had been slaughtered with tortures for stating him same with the God after his phase of Ene’l Hak in which he was trying to express that we are all divine and there is a divine essence in inside of us all.

Once upon a time there were three artists living. Each of them asserted that they are the best. These claims reached to such situation that they came to the presence of the King:

– Please choose the best of us our King…

Then the King allocated a wall for each artist for acquiring art works of three big artists and wanted them to draw the picture of God.

“As the result of your assignment, I will decide which one you is the best” he said.

The period of 6 months was given to them. The artists worked very hard. From day and night and day and night mixed together.

6 months, 6 very big months passed and the time for the King to see the pictures came. Then came to the wall of the first artist and the artist opened the curtain with a great ambition.  There was a huge tree and covered with buds and flowers everywhere… Even it was looked so real that butterflies came and sit onto one of the flowers. The King was very impressed from the picture.

Then the King passed to the second artist’s wall. The artist carefully opened the curtain again. There was a tree and images of hundreds of underipe fruits on it. On the other hand there was a parrot coming and eating the fruits. The King really watched this beauty by holding his breath.

Then the King came to the wall of the last artist. He expected the artist to open the curtain but he didn’t. The King thought that the artist was crazy and decided to open the curtain by himself but he couldn’t. Because the picture was the curtain itself.

God is not behind the curtains, it the curtain itself.

The whole universe, all things are the reflections of God.

God is the sum of everything and we all carry the essences of divinity within.

So all of us are divine.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız.

What kind of relation you have with money?

Is it sine qua non of your life?

Is it the purpose of your life?

Is it mediator for having good things?

And what would you give up for having more money?

What if you win the lottery…

Do you spend all of it for your pleasures?

Or do you lay it on a bed and enjoy rather than spending it?

Actually, money is a concept completely created by human beings. It is a false value promising good things against barter. Mankind consider it as the symbol of the power.

Prized it. The money in the pocket determined its status in the society.

When it says do, it made it to be done and when it says make, it made it to be made. It showed us what our very close ones may do for money, with agony.

Have a closer look at find what money meant to you?

Whenever I think about this, the movie Indecent Proposal comes into my mind. I assume most of you watched it. A man is promised a huge amount of money for being together with his wife and the moral settlements against this promise is expressed very well. It is the miserable reflection of everybody has a price belief.

It really makes people say that “Does everybody have a price to be bought?”

If money stands on the basis or in the centre of your life and determines your direction, you need to stop. If it makes you forget who you are and takes you away from the divine stream for winning, then it means that you are the slave of this damn thing. Bu sure that, no matter how much you earn, yo cannot satisfy the hunger within. There is more than more. Be aware of this; if you are not the master but slave of the money, then you are in the conscious of emptiness and the universe knows to take all from the person who is in this conscious.  Even if it’s not taken, you spend your life with the ambitious of more and more, without being grateful for what you’ve got and within emptiness.

Reconsider what you have every day and be grateful for them.

The real fortune doesn’t mean to have more possession but it is being aware of what you have.

When you shift to abundance conscious, the flow will eventually towards you. The best way is a life in wealth without forgetting being the master of money not the slave and without alienating to each other.

If you are grateful for what you have, you will always have fertility on your hand and peace at your heart. You can achieve building, new, independent, free lives with soul richness even you don’t have million dollars.

Like Napoleon said three times

Money Money Money

Be in Love

Erkan Sarıyıldız

Do you recognize how serious our faces are?

When we look at the giant streets, only very few real laughter come to our ears. They are more like the traces of smiling that are forcedly put to the face. They have always told us that laughing is a shame and means feeble looking. They have also told us that a bad thing might come after a pretty much period of laughing and pealing out is a shame.

When a child born, after 1-2 months passes and he adapts to world experience, he always has a smile on his face. They start to express their responses with laughing with their little ruddy lips. They don’t need any reason. They smile and laugh for everything.

We start to forget laughing while we grow up. Then the amount of stimulus required for us for laughing increases. Just because we grow up.

Growing up=Becoming serious

Seriousness is shown equal equivalent with prestige. While we were told about people’s lives, only what they have done is told but the jokes, buffoonery they had made at childhood are hidden as taboo.

In which commercial film or advertisement, a businessman with a real warm smile is shown? Human shadows in serious clothing and which are put a forcedly smile on their face are everywhere.

You don’t need to be a child or insane for laughing. You don’t have to sulk for being an adult. Laugh as much as you want. And mostly laugh for yourselves. Laugh at your eye brow, eye, and look. Laugh for the mistakes and illusion you have done and seen since the childhood when you look at the mirror.

Life game has two objectives:  Becoming the one who enjoys the life most and giving love while taking it. The only thing that our soul will gain from the life is these two.

What changes when we laugh?

The positive energy you spread around spreads like an outbreak. Whenever you laugh, your energy opens to the universality and you start to feed with celestial light. The barriers between you and the God are demolished and you reach the power.

Actually everything is really a funny game. When you separate the dramas you create, the only thing that remains is just a funny scenario.

Watch around. The people, who laugh much, live long and healthy as well as their lives passes more easily compared with the others.

Sit with the people you like, talk with them and have fun with them. Like a child and without any rules. Like how you feel and without the fear of the question: “Do others call me insane”

Laugh as much as you can

The best favour you can do for your self is handful laughter.

Take care

Erkan  Sarıyıldız.

Who am I?

Have you ever asked this question to yourselves?

And when you look around, how many people lives as themselves and in the way that they would like to.

We are all like walking mummies. Bandage over bandage

See your eyes when you look at the mirror. Do the enthusiasm of real you which you can reach only in your dreams exist in your eyes?  And most importantly, when turn an look at yourself, how many percent of the clothing you wear as “I” is formed by you; freely and hundred percent.

What kind of person is so called “you”.  How is its standing against life, beliefs, profession, relationships, life, choices, and thing that it cannot choose I know that  it is not easy to analyze these. We have spent our lives believing that this cloth which we have been wearing since we were born, is us. There have been rules, dogmas, sins, punishments, laws, do’s and don’ts do’s over over since we were born. Even you forgot the shape of the real you because of these bandages. You spend your life in this way for a period helplessly.

And then all of a sudden you star to say “Who am I ?” You miss the freedom of the special soul hiding deep within.

You begin to enter transformation. With the decision “ I am going to be me”.  The most difficult part is deciding. The remaining begins irrevocably.

Of course this is the tough one. The easiest ways is considering the mummy bandages outside you as “me” and continue living.

This process is adventurous. It is actually the process of getting undressed and dressed again. And some layers are so embedded to your skin that, it requires courage to take them off.

You remember a new characteristic of you after each change. The only problem here is that, the people around you may face with some difficulties on adapting your changing relationship dynamics. Never mind, if you, as whole and with determination, continue to walk on this road, new dynamics will be created.

You find your essence eventually. A moment of enthusiasm.

A weak voice says “Here I am”. Hardly stands on its feet.

Then it’s time to recover all wounds. You have to restructure all of your parts one by one.

I know it’s difficult and agonizing but I also know that it’s amusing

When you finally see the real you which you’ll become, you’ll understand that it’s worth that effort.

You created the real you…

The one who says” I’m me”, with head high and be proud.

I  see that most of you have the approach “ The best thing is the one that you know”

“ I have lived in this way since this age, how can I change?”

“ The reason why I became into this is not me but the conditions”

“ Why bother doing these ?”

“ I am the victim of faith”

And many words and questions with worry.

Only you can put an obstacle in front of your success. Even you may force others to say your fears just to try to stop yourselves.

Be sure that; everything starts with believing yourself.

And it results with YOU who holds hundred percent of the power, collects all parts within, is aware of its creativity power and who can put the signature of “ME” under all the thing that it does.

Hey brave soul, it’s time to change. Let’s dance on the wild, run and play.

Let’s shout us all


Erkan Sarıyıldız

Each day that we live is a gift that we need to feel gratitude and we are the architectures of everything that we live.

I want the share one of the stories which reflects the agony that not doing something needs to be done and not getting that chance again gives:

“A guy taking treatment for cancer was living in a city. However his chance for taking treatment was now over and he was only watching the process. He was only 18 and he expected to bed dead anytime. He was spending all his life at home and under the surveillance of his mother.

He never went out alone but he got very bored because of staying at home.

He decided to be a small part of life by going out to get rid of the deep pressure caused by the home itself and the disease.

When he asked his mother about going out, he could take the permission after a long effort.

He started to walk along the street on which their house was located. At first, the outside environment which he didn’t use t, disturbed him but feeling the freedom of getting rid of the walls of the house worth everything.

He saw many stores on the street. Then found a CD store and entered through the door. There was girl on his age standing behind the cash.

The girl look:

“How can I help you?” she said. Her smile was so beautiful and the boy thought that hat was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. He wanted to kiss her right there.

The boy:

“ Hmmmm… Well.. I’d like to buy a CD.”

He took the CD and gave the money…

The girl:

“Do you want me to wrap it for you?” she asked

The boy accepted. The girl went behind the store, prepared the wrap and gave it to the boy. The boy took the package and returned to home. And put the CD to his cupboard with its package.

The boy was so shy that he was afraid of asking her for a date. He talked to his mother and she tried to encourage him about this subject. She told him certainly to do this on the next day.

On the next day, the boy went to the store again but returned to home without talking anything about his feelings.

This come and goes lasted for days. Finally one day, he left a piece of paper with his phone number on it to the cash secretly while the girl wasn’t there and left the store with running.

A few days later the telephone rang.

The mother took the phone

It was the cahier girl. When she asked about the boy, the mother started to cry.

“We lost my son yesterday. Of course you don’t know.”

There was other voice coming from the phone other than the crying of the mother. After a while the mother entered to his son’s room for being together with her son’s memories and started to have a look at the cupboards. When she opened one of the cupboard doors, she saw that it’s full with so many unopened CD packages. Mother had put the CD’s onto the bed with gazing and began to open the packages one by one.

When the mother opened the wrap, a small piece of paper fell down with the CD.

“Hello, you’re so sweet. Do you want to go out with me? Loves Jocelyne.” was written on it. Whenever the mother opened a package, she had faced with the same note.

“You’re so sweet. Do you want to go out with me?”

Don’t leave saying someone that you loved him/her or realizing what you want to do, tomorrow. Although saying love words may be difficult, express your love by putting your egos, honour, worries aside. Don’t spare tour love words from anyone.

Each day you spent is full with opportunities which you will not get again. Live that precious day full before it goes away from our hands and without delaying our plans to another day.

Beginning something with courage but not achieving is better than not starting something with the bondage of your fears. Do your best and let what will happen to flow.

Be in Love

Erkan Sarıyıldız

The common fear of all of us:


Every morning we heave while looking at our facial lines and interrogate the natural change of our body with this question:

“Oh, am like that before?”

A very god word of one of my relatives is still in my ears:

Erkan my dear, my soul is very young but my cloth is old.”

What a wise word. Actually the only thing that gets older is the cover outside our body. The souls continue their adventure with the same enthusiasm and joy of living. Because there exits neither time nor getting older at spiritual plan…

Mankind has seen to be getting older like a disease for centuries and dreamed after in search of youth magic potion. However no one can ever reach this potion or magic.

We should know that the ideas that our health will get worse as we are getting older; that we will be alone at life and spend a life apart from production are only the patterns created by social manipulation. If we don’t become a revolutionist and oppressed with this view instead, our life will be just as the same as we all expected. In other words we spend the last years of life away from the society, passive and in depression just as we expected.

“The belief of not vulnerable in view of everyone” makes us to get older quickly. We all think that we will turn into a person who is limp and helpless, lives alone in full depression and who is remembered only in special days, we get older. However getting older is just a chorological fact. We start to see traces of the time passing through our world experience on our body cover.

Why are we more interested about what time takes from our body? Years and experiences add so many things to our soul.

All that is lived adds wisdom to our wisdom and experience to our experience. I remember a study. In China, it is seen that the normal lifetimes of the people in highlands and places away from the city are much longer than the ones living in the city. All variables were examined. In all regions which are same by means of nutrition, care and all needs, the lifetime is short whereas in this region life is strangely long. After the huge effort of the researchers, it was seen that the thing that makes this happen is only a different belief system.  Here, getting older hasn’t been seen as a bad thing, rather as wisdom increases with getting older, they have the expectation to get older so that they will be wiser. The young ones were looking forward the days which they will get older with enthusiasm and impatience just because their reputation will be increases with getting older. Even this study proves us that the lifetime and quality are determined by us and social beliefs.

Just leaving the bad ideas about getting older changes many things.  I see this event like a computer programme. When you programme yourselves to one condition, you also define your body time and lifetime with your creations.

The thing that we should change is, to learn to live by enjoying each moment and gracing our lives with all bringing of getting older without considering what it adds.

Getting older is just a carnal feeling. And as we are the master of our feelings, we can make a future fully filed in love by slowing this process.

Bless each day you live.

When you wake up in the morning, with each breathe you take, send your gratitude to the universe that you can take that breath in health.

Dignify the wisdom each experience brings to you

Consider you life as an art that you build every piece and create.

Don’t see the old ones as a burden on your back and as a barricade for your future.

Consider them as wise people who have already passed from the roads that you are in now and have full of experience and stories in their pocket.

Don’t forget that each of their word contains thousands of adopted information hiding in it.

Each change in your body coming with aging shall remember you the bringing of your experiences. Don’t see them like your body is getting ugly but accept them as the medallions of wisdom of life process.

The important thing is not the period of living but how you spend it.

The most importantly, always make the best for your life in all parts.

Be in love

Erkan Sarıyıldız

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Dr Erkan Sarıyıldız


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